New Homes6 Reasons Why Building a New Home Is Better Than Renovating an Old One

A new home purchase isn’t always easy, but selecting between an existing home and a new home build isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

One of the benefits of building a new home is not having to deal with the nightmares associated with buying an existing home. There are a variety of benefits to building a new home over one that has already been built, including the following:

1. No hidden mold or damage to worry about

When you buy a pre-existing property, there is a possibility that there are hidden damages or hazards. While inspections often reveal this, no one is perfect and it is possible to miss some potentially damaging items. As an example, a mold problem may not be detectable when it exists in the ventilation system or in the foundation. The undetected damage may be minor now, but could become more serious over time, or it may not be possible to identify the source of the problem without completely tearing down parts of the home.

There are several examples of these problems, including:

  • An infestation of pests such as rats, mites, termites, or ants
  • Mildew or mold in the walls or foundation of the house
  • Cracks or sinkholes forming in the foundation of the home
  • Wall frames that are rotted or weakened
  • Wall wiring that is deteriorating

2. New home maintenance is low-cost

Construction of new homes has the advantage of having extremely low maintenance costs and years of stress-free home ownership. Home maintenance for new homes isn’t as tedious as home maintenance for older homes, and it isn’t as costly as neglect-based maintenance.

When you purchase a renovated home, you will usually be forced to spend a great deal of money on repairs for dozens of mistakes and design changes. Building new homes conforms to the latest building codes and safety regulations, which means you’ll have a hassle-free house for a long time!

3. The energy efficiency of a new home is excellent

Lower utility bills are everyone’s dream, right? Utility bills can be reduced by improving energy efficiency. Unlike new homes, pre-existing houses do not typically have adequate insulated walls and ceilings, which reduces heat loss in the winter and keeps the house cooler in the summer. 

The energy efficiency of new homes is far superior to older homes, even if they don’t use it as a selling point. High-efficiency central air conditioning in new homes has the advantage of reducing costs. A new home can save you time, money, and stress at the end of the month. 

4. Built with modern technology in mind

Buying a new home means more than just installing water and air conditioning. Brand new homes are built with an electrical system, wiring, and electronic features compatible with modern technology. While it is easy to overlook the wires, metal, and frames in your home, use of WiFi internet and better access to power have increased in the past few decades, even the wiring has improved.

The chances of a new construction home having dead internet and phone signals are much lower today. Most preexisting homes are still stuffed with wires for a home phone because they were not constructed with this technology in mind. Today, smart devices and smartphones virtually eliminate this need. You won’t have to worry about tripping a breaker or blowing a fuse if you buy a brand new home, at least, not for another decade or two.

5. Warranty coverage for newly built homes

A newly constructed home comes with a warranty, which is one of its greatest advantages. Providing peace of mind and reassurance that the builder will cover items covered by the warranty during the coverage period is a huge benefit. In contrast, pre-owned homes are solely your responsibility for any issues that arise. When you buy a home, there is no doubt that it can be a nerve-wracking process. With a new home warranty, you can alleviate some of the stress.

6. The perfect floor plan for your everyday life

A lot of older homes have small rooms and a lot of hallways, which gives the feeling of a closed, dark space. Compared to new construction homes, which feature spacious floor plans and large kitchen islands, new construction homes are designed for entertaining and gatherings with extended family and friends. Many bedrooms feature walk-in closets for optimal storage and bathrooms feature spa-like amenities for relaxing and unwinding!

Build your dream home with Square One Construction

With all of that in mind, if you’ve ever wanted to craft something truly unique and individual to you, look no further. If you are looking to build a high quality, personalized home on the home site of your dreams, you have come to the right place. Square One’s new home builds offer something for everyone, from blended families looking for a larger home to retired couples seeking peace and quiet in the countryside.

Your home will be a unique expression of you; it should say exactly what you want it to say, how you want it to say it. Enjoy the creative process of designing your home to suit your lifestyle and individuality. You have a vision and we want to help you make it a reality.

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