Renovating your home is a very exciting and significant commitment. We recognize the trust you put in us and we take the responsibility seriously. Relationships, Trust and Transparency are our guiding principles. We deliver a level of service that will leave you knowing we listened to, appreciated and supported you from start to finish. Our goal is to ensure that the experience you have through the process is interactive, inspiring and enjoyable.

Our team works collaboratively to maximize efficiency, ensure control, enable informed decisions and mitigate risks. While renovations can seem complicated, our organized and proactive approach assures a predictable, smooth and enjoyable process. This allows budget control, schedule certainty while maintaining premier quality.

At Square One our motto is Built For Life. We believe that quality building and design will stand the test of time as well as help improve people’s lives. We love what we do which is what makes us successful and recommended by past clients.

Consultation Icon


  • Discuss your vision, goals, needs and budget.
  • Assess existing conditions to determine feasibility and identify any potential risks in scope of work, schedule and budget.
  • Discuss and explain the building process.
  • Review bylaws and tenant improvement guidelines when required.
  • Facilitate conversations between landlords and tenants to ensure both parties best interests are served (pertaining to construction of commercial space).
  • Prepare a preliminary quote for review.
  • Develop a preliminary schedule for the project.
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  • In the event design has not been previously completed, we would select a designer.
  • All necessary permit drawings with floor plans, elevation drawings, and specifications are to be completed.
  • Finalize and sign off on design to proceed
Budgeting Icon


  • Tender all work to sub-trades and suppliers and complete a full audit of all quotes.
  • Identify value engineering opportunities by suggesting changes in materials and/or scope of work
  • Prepare a comprehensive budget for review
  • Finalize and sign off on quotes to proceed
Preconstruction Icon


  • Floor plans, elevation drawings and specifications are to be completed by architect and/or interior designer.
  • Tender all work to sub trades and suppliers and complete a full audit of all quotes.
  • Identify value-engineering opportunities by suggesting changes in materials and/or scope of work.
  • Prepare a comprehensive budget for review.
  • Procurement of all necessary permits e.g. building, electrical, plumbing etc. Coordinate with strata if applicable.
  • Secure engineering and all required consultants documentation and sign off.
  • Develop comprehensive construction schedule and milestones for the project.
  • Finalize and sign off on pre construction phase to proceed in construction phase.
Construction Icon


  • Client communication protocol established for: progress reports, invoicing, change orders and timelines.
  • Regular site cleaning, rubbish removal and site protection.
  • Tracking of project schedule and milestones
  • Site audits and progress reports
  • Quality control, sub trade management and liaising with all necessary professionals, consultants and municipalities.
  • Conduct all necessary inspections as required to ensure all work meets or exceeds building code requirements.
Completion Icon


  • Dispose of extra materials/garbage and conduct final site cleaning
  • Site walk through with client to ensure complete satisfaction. Discuss any deficiencies.
  • Move into your beautiful new place!
  • Enjoy our warranty program to give you peace of mind.