Whether you’re getting ready to start a new bathroom, or remodeling an old one, it’s your first time going through a home renovation, or you’ve done something similar, it’s both exciting and scary to start a new project. We’ve compiled some tips to consider while renovating so you can ensure a perfect balance between the function and form of your new space. 

We all want our bathroom to be a reflection of our personal style, and be able to deliver comfort to feel at home in our house. On the other side of that however, it’s important to choose the right amenities and fixtures that will provide you the function you need, at the budget of your bathroom renovation project. With carful planning, choosing the right builders, and choosing the right design, you can create a bathroom that fits all your needs. Continue reading to learn some of the best tips that will turn your bathroom remodeling dream into a reality. 

Planning is key. Before you hire anyone, think about the needs of your new space. Think about some of your favourite bathrooms that you’ve been in, and what made them special. Think about how they made you feel, and why. It’s important to brainstorm and visualize different things that made you feel relaxed. Another thing to consider is who the people using the space will be, and talk with them about what their needs are. Have a discussion about fixtures, finishes, and how much of a budget you’re willing to put into the project. As well, when you budget, it’s important to have a bit more because you never know if there will be some unexpected problems that will increase the cost later.

Here are some additional budget-planning tips:

  • Put aside at least 20% of your budget just to cover unexpected costs and surprise expenses that you will likely come across during your remodelling project.
  • Work with your family to set the right boundary for your budget and maintain those boundaries strictly.

Planning keeps your bathroom renovation plans in line with your vision as you move along with the project. Once you start the renovation, resist the temptation of changing your plans, unless financial constraints or other problems beyond your control arise. Changing plans during a renovation can actually create more expenses because they delay contractors, increase fees for ordering new items, and push your finish date further. If you don’t exactly know your vision, speaking to one of our professionals can offer a vision for your style, handle the scheduling for installers as well as vendors and walk you through the plan to ensure success. [Inquire here]

Thinking about the layout of your bathroom

Layout is key to a bathroom that you enjoy and feel relaxed in. Most homes usually have at least one bathroom, one sink, a toilet, and bathtub or shower. Bigger homes often have an extra sink, two vanities, or two medicine cabinets. Although it’s important to think about space, it’s also important to think about the entire house as a whole. Think about what type of layout would best match the design of the rest of the house, and keep in mind that not everything has to be perfectly matched. Not every door handle has to be silver, for example. But if you choose a contrasting design, such as silver with black, it can be too distracting. If the bathroom you’re creating is for the master bedroom, it’s critical that it blends in. Don’t choose a colour that starkly contrasts with the rest of the room, instead, make it an extension of the bedroom that allows flow from one space to the other.  Instead of thinking of thinking of layout purely from an aesthetic point of view, first think of it from a functional perspective. Remember that in good design, form follows function. Planning a layout that follows how you use your bathroom is key to creating a bathroom that makes you feel relaxed. 

Choose the right materials. 

Once you know how you want to use your bathroom, the next step is to find the materials that meet the needs of your new space. You may have a lot of design and customization ideas, but each require different textures and materials. If you don’t know where to start, or you have an idea of what you want, but are unsure to press the buy button on your materials, it’s often helpful to consult a professional before executing. Different trends require different structures of planning. For example, there are types of bathrooms where the shower isn’t enclosed and the water is allowed to drain through the floor, but these bathrooms require the whole room to be waterproofed. As different trends evolve, it’s important to consult with professional builders to ensure you don’t run into expensive surprizes.

Consider the plumbing 

If you really want to save money during your bathroom renovation, we advise keeping the existing plumbing. In the case where we discover an outdated wiring or plumbing system, we sometimes suggest gutting out the old pipes or wires. Although this seems like a lot of work, and a big expense, it isn’t always a lot, and can sometimes make or break your space. Replacing plumbing can be a really good thing because it gives you a lot of options for customization of your new space. If you have a limited budget, and need to keep the same floor plan for your amenities, don’t worry, you can give the impression of a larger space by introducing pedestal sinks, clear glass shower doors, and bigger mirrors. Also, you can consider using a big mirror in place of a small medicine cabinet mirror. Big mirrors are great because they reflect light, and your space, making it feel more substantial in size. 

Consider the electrical

The last thing you want is to get to the end of your project and realize you’ve forgotten to consider the electrical outlets. Not only is a well-placed outlet an important consideration for functionality of a space, electrical in the wrong places can also add unwanted hazards because water and electricity don’t mix. 

Consider the lighting

The difference between good lighting and bad lighting in night and day (literally). Often lighting gets neglected and labeled as a aesthetic feature, however, good lighting can drastically improve your space and make you feel more relaxed, and actually change your emotional state. Because of this, lighting is a feature that should not be overlooked, and carefully considered. Natural as well as artificial light has a massive influence on your mood, so here are some tips we recommend checking out so you can make sure you feel the best while at home. 

Although adding more light is usually best, it’s not always the answer. There are a few different things you want to consider before buying a bunch of lights. Firstly, we recommend layering your lighting. This means creating light from more than one source. Ideally, you want to choose 3 sources of lighting to create different options for setting the mood in your bathroom for different occasions. For example, you might want to consider recessed lights behind your mirrors, and under the countertops for a romantic setting; or adding a dimmer setting to your lights to achieve a similar effect. Another thing to consider is adding sensors to automate your switches as you walk into your bathroom, or open the door. For all bathrooms, overhead lighting is very important. Perimeter lighting can provide useful light while also achieving a softer, ambient glow, while pendant lighting scatters light in directions to give your a beautiful centerpiece. 

Proper ventilation 

When it comes to remodeling, ventilation is one of those things that not many people think twice about, however, good ventilation is very important to ensure your bathroom renovation lasts for years to come. The worst thing is to create a bathroom of your dreams, only to find your cabinets start to warp, a buildup of mold and mildew, or a number of other problems. Not having effective ventilation can wreck havoc and cost you expensive upgrades such as floor and even wall re-modelling; this is very important before you start your project!

Consider the flooring

If you live in a cold area, such as the pacific west coast of Canada, or really anywhere across Canada (especially during winter), you may want to consider keeping your floors heated. Having a heated floor system can be laid under the tile in your bathroom and will create a more comfortable ambient air temperature as well as a warmth for your feet. It’s important to ensure that the heating system you’re going to get can be used inside the shower. For those who are interested in this type of bathroom, it is ideal to consult a professional who would help you plan the layout. 

Other flooring options include porcelain, ceramic, stone or water-resistant choices. For durability reasons, nothing is better than baseboard tiles. You want to choose tiles that are beautiful but can also hold up to long-term pressure. Don’t sacrifice your design choices for material that looks good but won’t hold up in the long run. Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise function or form because there is a lot of bathroom flooring on the market that is built to withstand foot traffic as well as moisture. It is however, important to consult with a professional who can pick flooring that aligns with your vision and can stand up for years to come. 

Maximize the space

Don’t get maximizing the space confused with filling the space. You want to make use of as much of your washroom as possible, however, you also want to consider the space needed to make you feel relaxed while inside. 

Design for longevity 

It can be tempting to follow current trends while designing, however, if you’re thinking of putting your home up for sale in the future, it’s important to ensure that the value of your property is going to increase over time. On the other hand, if you’re only planning to live in your home for a short amount of time, you want to design something you will love and fit with your wants and needs. There are so many types of textures, materials, colours and appliances you can choose from, and we understand this makes it difficult to navigate a bathroom renovation. Fortunately you’re not alone, we have decades of experience and will help you guide you through your renovation and leave you with piece of mind. You need to find the best mix between comfort, luxury, design, value, and longevity. It’s no easy feat, but we can and will help you get there. Contact us today to bring your vision to life.