It’s simple, choose us. We joke, but picking the right contractor is a big part of a successful project. You need to find a contractor that is reliable, has great workmanship and organization and can stay on budget, and, one that is local to your area. Although choosing a qualified and experienced contractor or firm is important to the success of your project, there are also some things you can do to ensure success. 

To start, you should familiarize yourself the regulations within your city or district. Langley, Surrey, downtown Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Whiterock all have different laws around home improvement, custom renovations, luxury construction, and commercial construction for example. Within the different categories of building, there are restrictions on size of structure, materials, time and date of construction, and more. Laws regarding home improvement aren’t always the same and can differ drastically by city, province and municipality. Little known fact, home renovators aren’t required to be licensed, however, you should most definitely choose one that is. Licensed contractors have to take courses and stay up to date on the changing building codes. 

Next, you need to do your homework. After getting recommendations from friends or neighbors or searches online, call or go online to BC Housing to see if those contractors are licensed. A background check is a good idea to learn about who you hire before you hire them. 

For larger projects, consider hiring an architect, design firm or construction company that works with architects to achieve results that line up with your vision. When designing spaces that require big changes in plumbing lines or electrical wiring, it’s best to get a designer or architect involved because they understand all of the logistics involved. Aside from the information about the renovation, it’s important to hire an external party for larger projects to manage budgets, vendors, shipments, explain regulations & codes, and help manage your expectations.

Every project is different, but the one consistency is that all projects follow a set of building codes. In Vancouver, British Colombia, there are 2 governing building codes: the BC Building Code (BCBC), and the Vancouver Building Bylaw (VBBL). Vancouver is actually the only city in Canada that has it’s own building code which takes priority over the provincial codes. At the beginning of any given project, the first thing we do is analyze any risks or restrictions surrounding building codes. We go through a bylaw analysis to cover municipal regulations like height restrictions, allowable floor space, heritage restrictions and building setbacks. As well, we do an in-person site visit to assess the condition of the home to identify potential code issues before we start, and potential safety hazards.

Take a look below to see some different projects we’ve done over the years. All of our renovations, new home builds, and commercial construction projects have different codes we had to design and build within to insure safety and approval with local Bylaws. 

The last thing you want is a builder that creates a home that you love, but isn’t up to code. For example, if stairs of a home are renovated, but aren’t up to code, an inspector could come on site and force the stairs to be redone. Alternatively, an inspection code never be done, and the stairs could warp over time or completely collapse and cause irreversible injury or even death. We take codes very seriously. An oversight to building plans could not only cost the homeowner upwards of $30,000 in repairs, but can also have negative implications on the wellbeing of homeowners. 

Now that we’ve convinced you that a professional contractor will make your build easier, less stressful, safe, and even enjoyable, we’ll move on to why you should choose us. At Square One, we are committed to give you clarity and simplicity throughout the entire build process through effective communication and our online project management tools. Once we understand the goals and objectives of your build, we create a comprehensive plan that covers the scope of work, budget and schedule. We’re up to date with all building codes and submit for all permits required prior to construction. 

Building or renovating a home is no small feat. We recognise this, and are dedicated to the transparency and communication to keep you informed and in control of your build so you can have peace of mind in bringing your dream home to life. Just like homes are built on a strong foundation, strong relationships are built on trust. We deliver expertise that ensures your expertise of building is inspiring, enjoyable and interactive. Our team of professionals have decades in the industry and work collaboratively with you to maximize efficiency, ensure control, make informed decisions and minimize risks. Our motto is Built For Life. We believe in quality builds that stand the test of time and our clients’ quality of life. Learn more about our process or get a free consultation today.