Community NewsTen Outstanding Bathroom Remodel Features Worth Splurging On.

When planning your budget for a home renovation, it’s important to be mindful of expenses. However, if there’s one room that justifies a bit of a budget splurge, it’s undoubtedly the primary bathroom.

While a well-executed bathroom or kitchen remodel can enhance a home’s value, the primary reason for splurging on a bathroom remodel should be the personal enjoyment it brings to you. Having a luxurious sanctuary within your home for relaxation and rejuvenation is truly priceless. Here, I present ten of my favorite features to elevate the comfort, storage, and aesthetic appeal of your primary bathroom renovation.

  1. Stunning Backsplash: Enhancing the visual impact of your bathroom can be achieved through a striking vanity backsplash. Consider using patterned tiles that stretch all the way to the ceiling to create instant drama, as seen in this midcentury modern bathroom. The use of patterned tiles in a deep marine blue adds a celestial touch and beautifully contrasts with the cabinetry.
  2. Linen Cabinets: Integrating a linen cabinet within your primary bathroom is a convenient addition that many homeowners adore. It offers easy access to fresh, plush towels without the need to leave the room. Take, for example, the cleverly designed vanity that seamlessly incorporates a linen cabinet hutch. It blends harmoniously with the cabinetry above, creating a cohesive look while maximizing storage.
  3. Dramatic Lighting: While functional lighting is a bathroom essential, elevating your space to something beyond functional requires the addition of dramatic lighting. Hanging a statement chandelier above the bathtub can create a captivating focal point framed by drapery and arches.
  4. Open Shelving: Open shelving is not exclusive to kitchens; it’s making its mark in bathroom remodels as well. It offers easy access to everyday essentials while providing a perfect spot for displaying decorative items.
  5. Heated Towel Bars: Wrap yourself in the ultimate luxury by stepping out of the tub or shower and into a pre-warmed towel. Heated towel bars offer both convenience and comfort, enhancing your daily routine.
  6. Slab Shower Surround: Showcasing the stunning veining patterns of natural stone in your shower by using slabs as wall coverings is a surefire way to create a striking visual impact.
  7. Side-by-Side Water Closet and Enclosed Shower: For those who prefer closed-off toilet areas, layouts featuring side-by-side water closets and showers offer privacy without compromising on space.
  8. Architectural Alcove: It’s not only finishes but also architectural details that can infuse luxury into a bathroom. An arched alcove trimmed with exquisite molding can frame a beautiful furniture-style double vanity, creating a spa-like serenity.
  9. Makeup Vanity: If space allows, a dedicated makeup area is a wonderful addition. A tucked-away vanity complete with ample storage adds both functionality and elegance to your bathroom.
  10. Wet Room: When space is limited, and you desire both a freestanding tub and a shower, a wet room offers an elegant solution. Incorporating a marble floor that extends from the bathroom to the shower area with a frameless glass enclosure provides separation, creating a visually appealing and functional space.

Investing in these exceptional features during your bathroom remodel can transform it into a personal haven, offering unparalleled comfort and style for your daily life.