Community NewsHow to choose the right builder for your next project!

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward building or renovating your home! Whether you’ve already chosen a lot or are still in the design phase, we’re excited to assist you on this journey. Choosing the right custom homebuilder is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here’s a guide to help you make this important decision:

  1. When to Choose Your Builder:
    • It’s best to involve a builder early, either before or soon after engaging an architect.
    • A good builder collaborates with architects, keeps plans on schedule, provides unique ideas, and offers valuable construction expertise.
  2. Beginning Your Search:
    • Anyone can be a builder, so recommendations from friends and family are invaluable.
    • Use online searches wisely, focusing on specific criteria and avoiding builders with negative reviews. Look for the specifics of their reviews. Check out our reviews for reference.
  3. Digging Deep in Your Research:
    • Evaluate builders based on experience, portfolio diversity, team strength, quality, organizational ability, values, and industry recognition.
  4. Interview Your Top 2-3 Choices:
    • Schedule face-to-face meetings and site visits to assess organizational effectiveness, team strength, communication style, construction quality, and job site practices.
  5. Questions to Consider During Interviews:
    • Work collaboration with architects and designers.
    • Experience building the desired style and quality.
    • Estimating process, accuracy, and timeframes.
    • Compensation for pre-construction services.
    • Project team assignments and supervision.
    • Addressing questions and concerns during construction.
    • Qualification of subcontractors.
    • Handling changes to design or unforeseen conditions.
    • Anticipated construction timeline and schedule mitigation.
    • Contract types (fixed-price or cost-plus).
    • Preferred building materials and why.
    • Servicing warranty issues after move-in.
    • Sample contract, budget, schedule, and warranty.
    • References from past and current clients.
  6. Contacting References:
    • Ask past clients about their experience, strengths, project timelines, communication, budget, and subcontractor recommendations.
    • Inquire about the builder’s response to warranty issues.

Remember, a well-informed decision at this stage ensures a successful partnership and a high-quality dream home. If you’re ready to build, contact us today!