Community News3 Astonishing Kitchen Transformations you don’t want to miss.

Kitchen Transformations are always satisfying and can give you a lot of ideas about what you can do with your next renovation. Here are the top 3 Square One kitchen transformations that will blow your mind 🤯

  1. A large window located at the sink, light paint colors cabinetry, and an improved lighting layout were some of the key features we added.  Furthermore, we undertook a complete restructuring of this kitchen to create more space for family members to move around comfortably, all while ensuring ample storage options. This is truly a unique transformation. 

2. This Vancouver home experienced a complete transformation. We removed walls, built up floors, and changed the existing layout to maximize both the functionality and aesthetic of the home.

3. One of the key parts of a renovation is trying to work with the space we have to add room to the home. This kitchen renovation is a prime example of how we did that.

Revitalizing your space is a transformative journey. When it comes to renovations, exploring your options is key. At Square One, we provide a meticulous and personalized booklet that acts as a roadmap for your project. It offers a glimpse into the potential changes and enhancements, allowing you to envision the outcome. If you’re considering a home renovation, contact us to start the conversation about bringing your vision to life!