RenovationsWhat To Consider When Building A Home Addition

Adding additions to your home is a popular way to increase value in addition to floorspace. While many  homeowners are building home additions as a way to increase property value, or earn extra income from a rental suite, a professionally constructed home addition can transform a small, poorly designed house into a spacious home.

If you are thinking about building additions to your home, before you commit to the project there are a few questions you should ask that may help you decide whether it’s the right time and the right step to take. Once you have decided that this is a good investment, there are a few rules, regulations, licensing requirements and permits you should consider before beginning construction. Taking the time to understand these details will help you avoid problems later on in the process.

Planning & Property Considerations

The first step is to consider what you want and need from your current space. Of course you want more floor space, but do you also want more natural light? Do you want an open plan space or do you want an addition that includes extra bedrooms with ensuite. You will also need to understand the limitations that may alter your plans. For example, do you need to work around trees or powerlines? Do neighbouring property lines mean it makes more sense to extend up instead of out?

Home Addition Rules & Regulations 

The next step is to ensure that your home addition falls within the parameters of the local zoning requirements. Zoning regulations monitor how land is divided, how it can be used and the types of buildings permitted within the zone in addition to the height, density and appearance. 

Once you understand the zoning requirements, the next hurdle is to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. This may seem daunting, and it’s certainly time consuming, but it is reassuring to know that this part of the process enforces building code and health and safety standards which ultimately protect your investment.

Contracting The Contractor

There are many contractors out there, but how do you choose one that is reliable and reputable? Here are a few tips.

  • Don’t just choose the first one at the top of Google search page: look around and ask for a quote before you commit. 
  • Most bids should be within the same range, but be careful of low bids. 
  • A contractor who bids lower than others may not understand what you want or it may mean they will compromise quality. 

In addition to budgetary considerations, it’s important to choose a contractor you can work with. This project means you will have a construction team in your home for a considerable length of time; you will need to be able to communicate clearly and pleasantly with the project manager plus you want a team you can trust to be respectful, professional and dependable. 

Brainstorm, Budget & Build A Beautiful Home Addition

If you haven’t taken time to plan properly, building an addition to your home could be costly, confusing and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. When you work with professional contractors who care about quality, reputation and customer satisfaction, you’ll find the process to be straightforward and streamlined. 
At Square One, we listen to what our clients want and what they need in order to deliver quality renovations that meet form and function requirements. We take care of all the details, including site management, securing permits and providing project management throughout the entire process. Most importantly, we’ll work to help you meet your budget and build an addition that adds value and style to your home.