RenovationsRoom Additions: Worry Free Tips to Expand Your Beautiful Home

Perhaps it’s time to add another room to your house if your family is growing or if you want a new home office. This would be a full-fledged room addition, not a conversion of existing rooms.

While it’s possible to convert a room, your family should have a purpose-built room instead of something fixed up to meet a need. However, the process of adding a room isn’t always easy and flawless. Here are some tips on how to prepare and handle the construction process better.

Plan Your Renovation Construction Appropriately

Knowing your plan before you break ground or buy any building materials is essential. It would be a good idea to contact an architect and contractor as soon as possible. General contractor services can offer architecture and design expertise, which makes it a whole lot easier. Having the contractor and architect at your side will give you a better idea of how to plan and execute properly.

One common mistake on expansion projects is removing load-bearing walls. With an architect and trustworthy contractor around, you won’t be making that mistake. The contractor can suggest possible options for your construction project as well as provide an initial quotation. Even after building the room, you still have to furnish it, so you may need assistance there, and a designer is the perfect person the job.

Maintain a Contingency Fund

Oftentimes the contractor can give you a reasonable estimate, but there may be times when you change plans, add extra materials, or something unexpected occurs. Typically, what the contractor gives you is the average price. Depending on what happens, the price can go higher or lower. If the construction has to be halted, then the cost of labour could increase. Materials may also be more expensive due to recent supply chain issues.

There is a possibility that the price might go down, but it won’t happen often. As a precaution, you should add a contingency fund to your contractor’s numbers to cover unexpected costs. Having a proper financial cushion is always a great idea.

Schedule The Construction For The Right Time

Major construction projects like a room addition are not always easy to do. Although most of the construction workers will be working outside of your home, they will still be walking around your property. They will also be carrying and using heavy equipment. This will result in some noises which might not be ideal at certain times. Depending on the scope of the project, your family may have a difficult time dealing with the construction noise. It is sometimes suggested to relocate temporarily and check on the work regularly.

Our advice is to send the children out for summer camp so that you and your partner are the only ones to worry about. Rent a house or some rooms to have a place to stay while work is being done on the room. This ensures that your family is comfortable and out of the way for the worst of the construction phase.

Verify That Everything Is Legal

Before the construction starts, you or your contractor will want to verify that you have all of the necessary permits for the construction. You would be surprised at the amount of homeowners that are unaware of this step. If you don’t want any delays or legal problems, construction permits are essential. Resolve any issues that prevent you from getting one so that work can begin promptly!

Consult Your Contractor

Your contractor is the driving force behind your home expansion project. They know you are excited about the new project, but we recommend to avoid micromanaging the work of your contractors. It is good that you visit and talk with them during the project, but remember that they are the experts – try to listen to them on the technical details and the work.

Most of your concerns should have been ironed out during the planning stage. If you are worried about the details, look for a company that offers a transparent project management system. The best contractors will keep you up to date every step of the way.

Keep the Interior in Mind

Many homeowners focus only on exterior construction, but your contractor should also be helping with the interior essentials. This includes plumbing and electrical wiring. After that, the contractor’s painters and flooring experts should come in to finish things up. In the final step, the room is furnished, and it is ready for its occupant.

The process of adding a major addition to your home can be intimidating. However, it is an investment you will be glad you made as your family grows. The house will feel more spacious, and furthermore, it increases your home’s value, allowing it to be sold at a higher price in the market.

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