RenovationsSouth Surrey Home Renovation

Project Overview

The core issue, which precipitated this project, was a moisture issue that was created from the indoor pool. In order to remediate the problem we needed to completely rebuild the exterior back wall and ceiling in the pool area.

In addition to this renovation we also updated and modernized the rest of the home with new finishing, paint, cabinetry and fixtures. The exterior of the home was also completely redone including siding, roof, and trims. A built in concrete pond and privacy wall were also built at the front entry of the home.

Project Info


South Surrey


Studio Illa

Start Date

April 2017


Sept 2017

Overcoming Project Roadblocks

Going into this south Surrey renovation our team knew that their were a lot of existing problems that we would have to overcome. A common problem with indoor pools is maintaining the flow of moisture and making sure it is safely ventilated out of the home. The main issue with this home was that the original pool builder had not installed proper installation and moisture was seeping into the walls throughout the house.

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In addition to recirculating the moisture our team mitigated this problem by completely rebuilding the exterior wall and ceiling within the pool area.