RenovationsSouth Surrey Renovation

Project Overview

This project was driven by the need to improve the usage of the space within the home. The clients requested improved layouts and updated finishes. We were required to put in a number of beams and posts in order to eliminate existing walls. Through these updates we were able to create an open concept living plan.

All of the bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room and living areas were completely redone. We created a primary and secondary kitchen in this home in order to facilitate entertaining.

Project Info


South Surrey


Studio Illa

Start Date

March 2017


July 2017

Open Concept Finish

The main approach for this project was to better utilize existing space and give the home a modern open concept feel. To tackle this problem, we were forced to knock down some walls and update some of the existing floor plans. We added additional light furniture and millwork to give the main living area a breathable and homey feel. When everything was said and done we this was an exciting project to be apart of and we were able to fully redesign the existing floor plans to give the home a modern, open concept finish.

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