RenovationsCustom Home Additions Add More Space…But Do Your Homework First

Tiny homes and van life may look cute and adventurous – and the lifestyle may be trending on Instagram – but the truth is, most homeowners want more space not less. If your home is space deficient, consider the advantages of a custom home addition

A custom home addition is a practical way to improve your home both in value and comfort. A well-designed custom home addition may be all you need to turn a simple dwelling into a stylish and spacious showhome.

Before moving ahead with plans and hiring custom home builders, there are a few legalities that should be considered. It’s vitally important to make sure you have acquired all the necessary building permits for the home addition

Keep in mind it’s not just the larger aspects of an addition that need a permit. Smaller projects that may be considered renovations also need a permit; these smaller projects include moving electrical wires or gas lines, taking down a wall or changing the plumbing.

Being unaware of all the permits required is a common mistake many homeowners make. If the permits are not in place, a Stop Work order can be issued by a city inspector. This is a costly delay that may add thousands of dollars to your home addition budget.

If you’re building in Vancouver, for example, and don’t have time to research the rules and regulations, you can contact Vancouver Building Officials to find out what is needed. You can also hire a professional custom home builder. This is their area of expertise and they know what is required and how to ensure all the paperwork is in place.

It’s recommended that you hire a home builder based in Vancouver to ensure they are aware of the specific rules and regulations. Vancouver’s by-laws are different from other areas of the Lower Mainland and these by-laws regulate all administrative requirements from design and construction of buildings to permits, inspections and even how these requirements are enforced. 

Unfortunately, many professional home builders based outside of Vancouver are not aware of Vancouver’s building by-laws. As you can imagine, this can cause delays, fines or even the deconstruction of the addition.

Fortunately, smaller homes can grow into the home you want with a custom-built addition. If you don’t want to do the heavy lifting, consider hiring a professional team to make sure all the right pieces are in place before you start building.

At Square One, our years of experience building homes in Vancouver is what we do best. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get started on your next custom home addition.